StonewrightUK Quartz and Stone Kitchens in Ashford
StonewrightUK Quartz and Stone Kitchens in Ashford
StonewrightUK Quartz and Stone Kitchens in Ashford
StonewrightUK Quartz and Stone Kitchens in Ashford

Marble Care & Maintenance Information

Marble worktops are only durable when regularly and properly maintained. Like any surface, a certain degree of care and attention is needed for the marble to look its best at all times. In particular, marble is vulnerable to scratches and abrasions, as it is softer than other materials. Luckily, there are steps that can be taken to help protect your worktop against damage from knife scratches, burns from hot pans and marks from acids and oils.

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Daily cleaning
For daily cleaning of marble worktop, we recommend using damp (microfiber) cloth, warm water and either neutral (pH 7), mild alkaline (pH 8-10) detergent if necessary. You should prefer cleaning products specially designed for natural stone and avoid using highly acidic or bleach containing cleaning products.

Protecting your Marble Worktop
Marble is porous and absorbent and thus requires great caution and protection from dirt and liquids. Be sure to avoid spilling chemicals and corrosive substances on the surface. We recommend that stains are removed immediately with kitchen paper, water and washing liquid in order to prevent dirt from drying or absorbing into the stone. With more stubborn stains, we recommend the use of special marble scouring preparations. We recommend that after using the preparation, the worktops are washed again with water and detergent.

Avoiding heat damage and scratches
Marble is not scratch-proof; we recommend that you always use cutting boards. Marble is heat resistant but we recommend that you always use heat shields.

Long-term maintenance
All worktops have been treated with an impregnating agent to prevent liquids from absorbing into the stone and thus ensure longevity. Based on the intensity of use and the type of marble we recommend that the marble is re-treated at least once a year with an impregnating agent especially designed for the purposes of marble maintenance.

A very effective way to keep your countertop protected from damage is to use a sealant. The best way to apply a sealant is as follows:

• Pour the sealer onto the worktop – if you have a large worktop, it might be better to cover small sections at a time
• Spread the sealer around with a clean, white cloth
• Allow the sealer to soak into the marble for around four minutes
• Lightly add extra sealer to the area that has been treated – this is to make collecting the excess sealer easier
• Wipe away all remaining sealer
• Repeat until your entire worktop is sparkling clean!

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